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Delivering supplies for reproductive health results

UNFPA has been procuring reproductive health supplies for the developing world for over 40 years.  Our expertise extends to managing a global supply chain that responds to the needs of our partners in development. 

UNFPA partners with governments, program donors and NGOs that benefit from the volume pricing and quality assurance that come with products procured from UNFPA suppliers.


How to become a UNFPA supplier

As the lead agency within the UN system for the procurement of reproductive health commodities. UNFPA actively seeks to establish new relationships with suppliers of these commodities. Suppliers wishing to do business with UNFPA should register through the United Nations Global Market Place (UNGM).


UNFPA Quality Assurance

UNFPA is committed to procuring quality RH products and therefore evaluates and prequalifies suppliers based on internationally recognized quality standards before entering into any contractual agreements.

UNFPA quality assurance activities follow a systematic process to ensure that RH products meet specified requirements and standards. Quality Assurance activities include prequalification, technical evaluations, quality control, and monitoring. Quality control refers to a set of activities to determine whether the specified standards are being maintained through inspection, sampling, and laboratory testing.

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UNFPA Prequalification

The UNFPA prequalification programme follows a systematic process consisting of a detailed technical review of required documentation, on site factory inspections, and product testing. This process determines that the quality of products is in accordance with international standards and WHO/UNFPA specifications and guidelines.

The UNFPA Quality Assurance system has been harmonized with UN partner agencies and follows relevant product specific international standards, such as those covered under World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.

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