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"To use the intellectual property protection system as a stimulus for the social, cultural, technological and economic growth of the country"

About WIPO

WIPO is the global forum for intellectual property services, policy, information and cooperation. We are a unique self-funding agency of the United Nations, with 188 member states. 

Our mission is to lead the development of a balanced and effective international intellectual property (IP) system that enables innovation and creativity for the benefit of all. 


What we do

To help governments, businesses and society realize the benefits of IP, we provide:

  • ​a policy forum where our member states shape international IP rules for a changing world;
  • global business services for obtaining IP rights in multiple countries and resolving disputes;
  • international cooperation, training and capacity-building programs to help developing countries use IP;
  • free access to unique knowledge banks of IP information.​

Our mandate, governing bodies and procedures are set out in the WIPO Convention, which established WIPO in 1967.


 For more information please visit the WIPO website​.


What we buy

WIPO mainly buys goods and services for our headquarters in Geneva. Our recurring demands include IT and consulting services, translation services and site-based facility services, among other commonly procured items.  For our international cooperation activities we also need external suppliers to carry out a wide range of activities in the field to support different countries around the globe. Finally, we also engage experts on a regular basis to undertake various missions in different countries.


For more information, please visit the Procurement pages of the WIPO website..

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